Holiday Romance: Key Vocabulary


  1. Bow: a knot tied with two loops and two loose ends

  2. Canoe: a small boat with pointed ends

  3. Carriage: a vehicle for carrying people or goods

  4. Cornet: a musical instrument made of brass that is similar to a trumpet

  5. Court: a place where a judge decides if a person is innocent or guilty

  6. Criminal: a person who has broken the law

  7. Fairy: a creature with magical powers

  8. Fist: a hand with fingers curled inward

  9. Honour (UK) Honor (US): a person’s reputation for being good and honest

  10. Jewel: a valuable stone

  11. Lavender: a scent/smell made from the purple flowers of the lavender plant

  12. Mayor: the head/leader of a town or city

  13. Miracle: an amazing and positive event that is not natural

  14. Pearl: a hard, white, smooth stone found in an oyster

  15. Penalty: punishment for breaking the law or doing something bad

  16. Pirate: a person who attacks other ships at sea

  17. Plan: a description explaining how to do something

  18. Politician: a person who is selected to make/change laws for a country

  19. Pond: a body of water that is smaller than a lake

  20. Prisoner: a person who is not free

  21. Property: an item, such as a car or a house, which belongs to a person

  22. Respect: a good opinion or attitude toward somebody

  23. Rug: a covering for the floor

  24. Silk: material made from fibres produced by the silkworm

  25. Slice: a cut of food

  26. Spice: a plant used to add flavour to food

  27. Telescope: an instrument for looking at distant objects

  28. Tornado: a strong windstorm that twists around and around

  29. Treasure: a collection of valuable things

  30. Trial: a meeting held in a court with a judge

  31. Uniform: clothes worn to show a person’s job/position/status


  1. Bandage: to put a bandage on something

  2. Bark: the make a short, loud sound (especially dogs)

  3. Behave: to conduct oneself in a certain way

  4. Bite: to attack something with the teeth

  5. Bow: to lower one’s head to show respect

  6. Bully: to act aggressively and intimidate others

  7. Chew: to repeatedly crush something with the teeth

  8. Embarrass: to humiliate somebody and make them feel uncomfortable

  9. Encounter: to unexpectedly meet somebody or something

  10. Impress: to do something to give others a positive/favourable impression of oneself

  11. Gamble: to play risky games (horseracing, casino, pachinko...) to win/gain money

  12. Land: to come down from the air/sky to the ground

  13. March: to walk with long and strong steps like a soldier

  14. Munch: to make a crunching sound while eating

  15. Nod: to move one’s head up and down

  16. Order: to tell somebody to do something

  17. Pack: to put clothes or personal items into a bag/suitcase

  18. Polish: to rub a surface until it becomes shiny and/or smooth

  19. Pretend: to use the imagination to behave like somebody or something else

  20. Punish: to make somebody suffer for doing something bad

  21. Recover: to regain physical health

  22. Refuse: to say no when asked to do something

  23. Rescue: to save somebody from a dangerous situation

  24. Row: to move a boat by pushing an oar through the water

  25. Rush: to run/move fast/hastily

  26. Sail: to use the wind to move a boat/ship through the water

  27. Sink: to go down into the water/sea

  28. Scold: to shout/yell at somebody for doing something bad

  29. Scream: to shout/yell loudly

  30. Shave: to remove hair with a razor

  31. Sigh: to breathe out while making a sound (usually sad)

  32. Stare: to look at something closely

  33. Sweep: to use a broom/brush to make the floor clean

  34. Throw: to make an object/person move rapidly through the air

  35. Tie: to wrap something/somebody with string/rope

  36. Whisper: to speak softly/quietly

  37. Wrap: to put material all around something or somebody

  38. Yell: to speak loudly


  1. Brave: courageous / not afraid in a dangerous situation

  2. Coward: not courageous / afraid in a dangerous situation

  3. Overweight: unhealthily heavy

  4. Reasonable: a good price / inexpensive

  5. Scared: feeling fear

  6. Shocked: surprised (usually by something negative)

  7. Stubborn: refusing to do something in a different way

  8. Terrible: unpleasant / very bad

  9. Trustworthy: can be trusted / reliable

  10. Wise: to have knowledge and/or experience


  1. Heave-ho: something sailors say when they are pulling a rope

  2. Hooray: something people say when they are happy, appreciate and/or like what somebody has said or done